Kalline Tea Estate is situated on the foothills of Borail range of hills. The international border with Bangladesh is approximately 10 km. from the garden. Being on the foothills, a rivulet named Larang runs through the tea estate adding an exquisite scenario to the garden. Along the river there are number of picnic spots. Having as aerial distance of 4 km from Jatinga Bird Sanctuary, the estate is occasionally visited by many species of migratory birds.

After acquisition by Jayshree Tea and Industries in 1969, The management has made requisite investments in improving the quality and productivity of the output and as a result, tea output, quality and price realisation has seen remarkable improvement. The garden is having a gross area of 1038.88 hectare, out of which 462.87 hectare is under tea cultivation. Kalline Tea Estate produces one of the finest Cachar teas from this region. The tea from Kalline has achieved highest price for Cachar teas at Kolkata auction many times now.

The Tea Estate employs 659 workers permanent workers. In harvesting season additional casual workers are employed. No children are employed in the garden. The garden provides for its workers and their dependants free housing, fuel and subsidized cereals. To boost the moral and better output of the workers the garden management has introduced many incentives for better attendance and harvesting of green leaves from time to time. The workers are provided with protective clothing during the monsoon and winter months. Education centres are provided along with a hospital with medical care. From time to time religious and cultural functions are held in which both workers and executives participate.

Kalline Tea Estate can be easily approached by road, train or air. The National highway No.44 runs about 2 km away from the garden. The nearest railway station is Bararpur which is 15 km approximately and the airport is 62 km from the garden.

Cultivation Area

  • Tea cultivation : 462.87 hectares
  • Irrigated area : 133.56 Hectare
  • Gross yield : 2774 kgs per year

Type of Teas

  • CTC Tea