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Chemicals & Fertilizers

The Jay Shree Chemicals & Fertilizers Factory is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, approximately one kilometre away from B.T. Road in Khardah, West Bengal, India. It was established in 1961 and initially focused on manufacturing Sulphuric Acid and Single Superphosphate, which we market under our brand name “Annapurna.”

Over the years, the company has kept up with technological advancements in its industry and continuously upgraded its plants through revamping and modernisation efforts. The manufacturing process of Sulphuric Acid was modified to incorporate the latest DCDA technology, resulting in lower emissions and increased production capacity from 75 TPD to 100 TPD.

Similarly, both the SSP plants and Granulated Fertilizer Plant were revamped to reduce emissions and improve productivity. Energy conservation measures have been implemented by installing a Turbo-Alternator that utilises surplus steam from the Sulphuric Acid plants. In 2005, the back-pressure type turbine was replaced with a fully condensing type turbine, leading to the full condensation and recycling of exhaust steam. This not only generates more power but also reduces the consumption of treated water and associated chemicals.

To meet the environmental standards set by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board for liquid effluents, a comprehensive Effluent Treatment Plant was installed in 1991. Inside the factory premises, a green belt has been created by planting a sufficient number of saplings during the rainy season, contributing to an improved environment both within and outside the factory. The company regularly monitors and reports data on liquid effluents, ambient air quality, stack emissions, and other relevant factors to the appropriate governmental bodies.

Annual environmental audits are conducted, and reports are submitted to the relevant statutory bodies. In recognition of our efforts, our Single Superphosphate Plant Category received the esteemed “Environmental Protection Award” for the year 1999-2000 from the Fertiliser Association of India, presented by the Honourable Minister for Fertilisers, Government of India.

The company maintains a strict and periodically reviewed Quality Control System to ensure the highest standards are met.


M.P. Udyog, located in Majhaulia, West Champaran, Bihar, was established in 1932 and became a public company in 1973. In 1933, the company set up its sugar unit in Majhaulia, West Champaran, Bihar. Jayshree Tea has acquired a 100% stake in M. P. Chini Industries Ltd., which operates a sugar factory in Majhaulia, Bihar.

The factory currently has a capacity of 4600 TCD (tonnes crushed per day) and is being expanded to 5500 TCD. Additionally, the factory has a co-generation facility of 6 MW and its own sugarcane plantation spanning approximately 1000 acres. It is considered one of the well-maintained factories in Bihar, allowing the company to utilise its expertise in managing agro-based industries.

Majhaulia is conveniently located within 5 km from the nearest National Highway and has a railway station on the North Eastern Railways, which is only 1 m away from the factory. The state capital, Patna, is situated 230 km from the factory, while the nearest major town is Bettiah, approximately 18 km away.

The sugar unit at Majhaulia benefits from its strategic location, ensuring easy access to raw materials (sugarcane), water, electricity, and a skilled workforce. The area is renowned for its excellent sugarcane cultivation, providing a steady supply of cane to the factory.

The factory is surrounded by rivers such as Gandak, Sikhrana, and Kohra. The West Champaran area covers an area of 4355 sq. km with an estimated population of 27.79 lakh. The population density is approximately 628 individuals per sq. km. Within the population, around 40% are workers, and 30% of the main workers are involved in agriculture and related activities.

The district generally experiences a dry climate, with temperatures ranging from 38°C to 40°C during the summer. The annual rainfall varies between 1400 mm to 1500 mm. The operational area of the factory receives sufficient rainfall.

Within a 50 km radius, there are other sugar factories in close proximity, including Sugauli at 13 km, Chanpatia at 25 km, Lauriya at 40 km, Motihari at 45 km, and Narkatiaganj at 48 km. The appended figures provide information on the cane crushed and recovery percentage with an average crushing for the past few years.