Marionbarie Tea Estate is located in the north Terai region on the foothills of Darjeeling. The garden altitude is 900 feet above sea level.

This more than a century old Garden was originally planted in the year 1901. The estate was acquired by Jayshree Tea and Industries in the year 2006. The management of Jayshree Tea and Industries invested in creating the irrigation facility for the entire garden area and upgrades the factory with the latest equipment and technology which led to remarkable increase in the tea production and quality. The garden workers are provided with amenities such as housing, ration, health care, protective clothing and the management also encourage games, Sports and cultural activities among the workers for promoting social upliftment. The garden management takes special care to maintain ecological balance and environment in the area as the Garden is situated very close to Mahananda wild-life sanctuary and wild animals such as Elephant, Leopard, Dear, Peacock, Wild Boar, Pythons, etc. are frequently seen in and around the plantation area. The Workers are educated to respect the ecology and the wildlife by the Mana gement by doing seminars.

The Tea Estate produces fine quality of C.T.C teas which has a combination of fine aroma and good strength.

The garden location is well connected by road and the nearest airport terminal is Bagdogra, is just 25 km. away.

Cultivation Area

  • Tea cultivation : 329.05 Hectare
  • Irrigated area : 329.05 Hectare
  • Gross yield : 625 Tons per year

Type of Teas

  • CTC Tea