Burtoll Tea Estate is located on the banks of river Churi in the Barrack valley, the southern region of Assam in India. The garden’s 80% area is flat and hence was named Burtoll (Flat land in local language). The garden is surrounded by villages and hill tribes who grow pine apple and oranges. The soil status and climate are conducive to producing good quality teas. The garden is well accessible by road, nearest railway station is 35 kms and airport is just 10 kms.

After acquisition by Jayshree Tea and Industries in 1963, Labac Tea estate is one of the best run tea plantations in the region. The management has made requisite investments in improving the quality and productivity of the output which has improved remarkably due to sustained initiatives from the garden management. The garden has been recipient of number of awards and certificates from Tea Board.

The garden management has taken number of labour welfare initiatives and programs like providing staff quarters with pure drinking water facility, Hospital, School, Crèche, Deputed welfare officer, Health and Hygiene awareness program, club house with TV, equipment for playing indoor and outdoor games, canteen at work place apart from organising medical camps for workers and people from nearby villages, literacy campaigns.

As a result of its efforts, today the Tea Estate produces the best of Cachar teas.

Cultivation Area

  • Tea cultivation : 679.52 Hectare
  • Irrigated area : 355.00 Hectare
  • Gross yield : 3300 kg per Hectare

Type of Teas

  • Top quality Dooars CTC