Life of Bipul in Nahorhabi

Life of Bipul in Nahorhabi

Nahorhabi Tea Estate is situated in Assam, is also very close to the state of Nagaland. Nahorhabi Estate got its name from ‘Nahor’ trees, because once this area had beautiful forest of Nahor trees. This tree bears sparkling red tender leaves during spring which gives it a majestic look. There is a small heritage attached to this estate situated in the Shivasagar District where the famous Shiva Temple is located, a pilgrimage place for pilgrims from all over India .

Years of chewing tambul as a custom has painted his teeth red like the spring gown of Nahor trees. Bipul inherits a rare kind of pride from his Ahom ancestors, who were a miscegenation of Southern Chinese and Indian warriors much like the tea plant itself. Bipul is in charge of logistics at the Nahorhabi tea estate, which brings us to an endearing notion of how your cup of Nahorhabi tea got to be there through all its history, heritage, prestige and craftsmanship apart from the direct supply chain. Forget about that. Taste what’s best about this tea, Bipul’s openly Duchenne-smiling honesty.

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