Why our Garden Fresh Fragrant tea?

Why our Garden Fresh Fragrant tea?

Our brains do create scent memories, according to Stephen Shea, PhD, the lead author of a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, who teamed with researchers at Duke University Medical Center to show that the part of the brain that processes scents, the olfactory bulb, is active in producing long-term memories.

“We can all relate to the experience of walking into a room and smelling something that sparks a vivid, emotional memory about a family member from years or even decades ago,” Shea is quoted as saying in a 2008 Science Daily article.

Garden fresh spring tea, when plucking is confined to tender ‘2 leaf and a bud’, which the bushes throw up after awakening from a long winter dormancy. Utmost care is taken while plucking and the tea is laced with silver tips. The clean thin air of high mountain elevations encourages a flavour complexity and delicacy.

The tea is so alive with fragrance and flavour. It takes you to a retrospective journey in search of lost time to a beautiful floral mountain valley, with abundance of mountain flora where a slight whiff of the wind invigorates you.

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